Five Facts Friday (2/26)

1.  My sister and niece stopped by yesterday before dinner to drop off a belated birthday present. I snapped this sweet shot while I was getting food ready. 

2.  So this was added to Netflix today. I watched four episodes while folding laundry this afternoon during the kids' naps. It's cheesy and sweet, and it's absolutely wonderful to revisit my childhood :) And Uncle Jesse still looks as handsome as ever, haha! Have mercy!

3. These gorgeous weather days have been great for after-nap playtime, and a neat, cheap spray bottle is a perfect outside toy. 

4.  Jack's tricycle was "broken" and needed "fixing."  

5. I had to run to the bathroom when we came inside and heard the sound of lots and lots of small plastic pieces being poured onto the floor. Two minutes later, I open the door to this. It definitely took them a while to clean it all up. 


  1. Such fun times!!!! I'm so glad you are continuing your blog. This will be great for Jack and Ella to read one day. Love you.

    1. I hope they will enjoy reading them! :)


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