Another Year Older

Today's my birthday. 
Ella decided that my morning should begin around 5am (I was able to go back to sleep for about another hour), haha, but, really, the morning so far has been lovely. 
I found these gifts from The Husband on the table when I went to fix breakfast. 
My favorite is the iPad case (mine was falling apart), but the coloring book comes in a close second. 
Then, The Husband arrived with these. The roses are pretty, but I LOVE the hydrangeas!
He's pretty impressed with them, too ;)
He took me to an early lunch while my parents stayed with the kids, and we are now stuffed. Goodness.  But the food was sooooo good. 
And for the last part of my birthday, I get to go have a massage this afternoon while my mom stays with the kids while they nap. Thanks, Momma, for gifting me with that!

It's been a nice day :) 


  1. Happy Birthday!


    1. Thank you! Miss keeping up with you! You should start a fitness blog!!

  2. I'm so glad your birthday has been a good one. Weather is perfect, gorgeous flowers, thoughtful gifts and a precious, loving family. Couldn't ask for more!!! Love you.

    1. And a HEAVENLY massage. Thank you!


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