Ella - 18 Months Old

Our Ella-Bella has changed so very much since she entered our lives a year and a half ago!
She's such a big girl, who is learning something new every day. 
Ella loves to play with her big brother. She will follow him and chase him and yell "hi" at him across the room. She gives him (and all of us) sweet hugs and kisses often. She kinda thinks he's great, and the feeling is mutual. Today, he has told me no fewer than 10 times that "Eya" is "pwitty!"  
I was looking for something on my blog and came across this gem. I'm so thankful God is answering my prayers for them. 
She enjoys looking at books almost more than anything else. I find her like this in the living room and in their bedroom many times a day. 
She's learning to help clean up toys and to put dirty clothes in the basket, and she enjoys the praise from us when she does a great job. 
She's still a good eater, but her table manners still need improvement (squealing and dropping things top the list), haha! She's learning how to use a fork and enjoys feeding herself with it. 
She does a fantastic job at entertaining herself happily for over an hour each morning during "room time" mostly with books, cars, and the large Lego-like building blocks. 
She will carry around and love on any stuffed animal she sees. 
She's learning and attempting new words often. 
She says (or says an approximation of) the following:
Ball, bath, bear, bed, book, daddy, dirty, duck, eye, hi, kitty, momma, Nana, Nonny, no, puppy, water, yes (yeah), and possibly a few more I've forgotten.  

She is a CHARACTER, y'all. She makes the best faces, and can go from happy to sad to excited to angry in 10 seconds.  
We all love her enormously.  She loves us all back, but I want to point out that she ADORES her daddy and will squeal his name and waddle/run to him whenever he walks into a room. It's a heart-squeezing sight :) 

Also, this :). Go us!


  1. Our Ella Bella is adorable and truly one-of-a-kind!!!! She is a little actress who wriggles her way into your heart. I'm with Jack, she is "pwitty!" Love you.


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