Thankful Thursday (7/3)

Today, I have much to be thankful for.


I have one very sweet little boy,
who grins and lights up the whole room with his toothy, lop-sided smile. He's keeping his grandparents on their toes, but his babbling, giggling, endless curiosity, and sheer delightfulness sure keep us all laughing and smiling in his direction.  Constantly.  

I have one very tiny, very precious little girl, who is doted on by the NICU staff. She's quiet and sleepy and snuggly. Last night, instead of trying to nurse, she slept. In my arms. For over an hour. The new mom in me wanted her to try. To put forth some effort haha. The happy, preemie, not-new-to-breast-feeding mom in me was so pleased to just hold her close that I didn't panic like I probably would have had with Jack. 
But...she nursed like a rockstar this morning!! Loved being with her :)

I'm thankful for my children. I'm thankful that they're 12 months and 18 days apart. So close to being Irish twins, haha!! I'm thankful they'll never remember a time without one another. I'm praying for a sweet friendship to develop between them and that Jack will do well as we transition her into our family.  

I'm thankful for the medical staff at the hospital. 
My doctor was great, and he's the one that discovered why I've had such difficult pregnancies.  I'm not sure he truly needed to take my uterus out and show everyone, including The Husband, after I delivered, but everyone thought it was interesting haha. Knowing I have a unicornuate uterus certainly explains a lot. It also shows what a miracle it is that I have two healthy babies. According to the statistics, I should have had a really difficult time getting pregnant to begin with. Guess God's got big plans for these two :).
We also had really great nurses. 
Summer, one of my L&D nurses was so kind and friendly as they monitored me and tried to keep me from going into labor. 
Kim, my night nurse for several nights after surgery, was a life-saver. Her diligence and patience were such huge blessings. She took such good care of me. 
Diana, my last nurse, was a great listener and gave wonderful advice in return. 

Ella's nurses have been phenomenal, too. I COULD NOT do their jobs. That level of patience and ability to not freak out when alarms go off, panicked parents spew out question after question, and babies with feet the size of quarters needing those people to help them survive, is something that I was not equipped with. 

I'm thankful I had a place to sleep last night. My parents' couch is not uncomfortable, especially when I'm waking up every 3 hours to pump, and it offers enough support that my abdomen isn't in terrible pain as I rest. 

I'm thankful for the home we bought a week and a half ago. I walked in yesterday and almost started crying because of the sheer amount of stuff lying everywhere in boxes and piles and the still very unfinished kitchen.  We won't be living there for a while, and my heart broke a little.  I have a few friends who have offered to help me unpack and clean. I just don't know when I'll be able to do it all.  Between trying to regain my strength and being at the hospital with Ella and spending time with Jack and pumping, pumping, pumping, my hours are pretty tied up. If you live near us, and you have some time this weekend to move things around and to tidy up/sanitize things, let me know. I'll give you a key and a smile and a gentle hug of thanks. 

With much gratitude. 


  1. Yes, you do have so much to be grateful for!! Everything will be accomplished at your house in due time - I know you are anxious about the mess, but it will be taken care of and you will have a wonderful refurbished kitchen to make all that wonderful made-from-scratch baby food! :) Love you.


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