Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Take Two - Day 26 - Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a quiet day around here. 
The kids and I did a painting craft (a little tricky with the one-year-old), and we played outside some. 
I know you can't tell from the pictures, but honestly, they've both been really cranky today; maybe they were feeling a little stir-crazy, too. 
Tonight, we had a lovely, quiet dinner with my sister and her family. Thanks, y'all, for having us over and for the delicious food! And, for holding and entertaining our curious kiddos :)
Today, I'm thankful for a set-aside day that encourages thankfulness. I'm thankful for my children, who sometimes drive me crazy, because I know there are so many people who are heartbroken and who desperately want a child to call their own. I'm thankful for my house, that seems like it's falling apart all the time, because I know there are so many people who don't have a place to come home to. I'm thankful for The Husband, who also can drive me all kinds of crazy, because he's mine and I'm his, and because we get to navigate this life together even when we don't always see eye to eye. I'm thankful for friends and family and neighbors who are friends and like family all rolled into one (those same sweet neighbors brought over some yummy goodies this afternoon!)
I hope you have much to be thankful for, too. 
From our family to yours:


  1. Adorable!!!! I'm so glad y'all were able to get together with the Mc's. Beth said y'all had a lovely time and she adored being with Jack and Ella. We had a lovely day with lots of the Krueger cousins and sweet Aunt Alice. They all asked about you and hope to be able to see you one of these days. I'll have to give you the hugs in person that were being sent to you. Love you.


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