A Wish From Jack

Good morning, Mommy's blog readers! 
It is, I, Jack, coming to you from the time-out steps where I'm currently serving time. 
I wanted to wish my amazing grandparents a very happy Grandparents' Day! During room-time, I did a little finger painting for you, that I hope you'll like. 
I still don't know why Mommy wasn't thrilled that I used the whole bottle of lavender vanilla lotion I found on top of my changing table. The bottle that was so far back, I needed to climb up a few drawers to reach it. 
She was even less thrilled when she saw I had tried out my artistry on the rug, the floor, the furniture, my toys, my stuffed animals, myself. I was feeling super creative this morning, and when that feeling hits, you've just gotta run with it, right? Well, that feeling landed me in time-out with a pretty sore bottom, but I'm still feeling pretty pleased with myself and my creation even though Mommy spent 30 minutes trying to make it disappear. There's still a slight film on the window, so we'll all remember my beautiful artistic explosion for a long time to come, I think!
Happy Grandparents' Day to Nana, Grandpa, Nonny, and Pop-pop! I love you! 
Oh, and Ella says she loves you, too :)


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    1. Thought you would appreciate it ;)

  2. Paint away JackJack... poppop will buy mommy a new bottle of lotion. 2 so you can have another finger paint session

    1. Hahahahaha, that's ok! We'll save those bottles for your house ;)
      I think we'll stick with paint on paper here :)

  3. While we appreciate Jack's creative talents and we have many pictures in prominent places to prove it, we do understand that the creativity needs to be confined to paper! :) The time has come for all those potions and lotions to find a different home because Ella will be the next one in time out!!! We love them both and you, too!

    1. Fortunately, that was the only potion/lotion left in there. I thought it was well out of reach and that he had forgotten about it. Apparently not. Oh well. No more ointments to paint with in there now!


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