Five Facts Friday (6/12)

1.  Yesterday was Jack's 2nd birthday. I wrote this letter to him, and I hope he reads it one day. We didn't do anything in particular to celebrate, but we (along with many others) wished him a happy birthday over and over. We sang to him several times throughout the day, which he enjoyed, and we tried teaching him how to hold up two fingers. It's a work in progress. 

2.  Today, we met my parents at DQ, and they treated us to lunch to have a little birthday celebration. He had his very first ice cream cone, and I'd say it was a hit :)
3. Another first for him today? His first TV show. I pulled up a great old VeggieTales video on Netflix, and he got to watch Junior Asparagus learn that God is bigger than any fear we may have. He enjoyed it and danced along to the music (Mommy sang along, of course!) in his chair while he snacked on grapes and milk. I chose VeggieTales because he has several books about them (and a great CD of their songs), and I knew he'd recognize them. My sister gave us all of my nephew and niece's old VeggieTales DVDs, so once we get the TV hooked up downstairs, we can watch them in there while Ella naps. 
4. Ella has been chowing down on finger foods this week along with her usual meals of mommy's milk and puréed fruits and veggies. Her favorites are grapes, Cheerios, Monterey Jack cheese, and peas. 
5.  The Husband has a new toy :)
He bought this new-to-him truck at the beginning of the week and has NOT STOPPED GRINNING!  I'm glad he's enjoying it, and I know I will grin just as much when we're able to trade mine in for the mini-van I've had both my eyes on for so long now. A girl can dream ;)


  1. So many changes!!!! We loved having lunch with y'all. Big birthday party coming up!! :) Love you.


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