Resurrection Sunday

It's Easter Sunday, and I've been thinking about traditions versus truths and wondering if the two can be mingled.

Traditions like egg hunts and baskets full of treats. 
Truths like Jesus dying on the cross for you and me and rising from the grave, defeating sin and death.  

I want our children to see the joy of this truly remarkable day, and therefore I'm totally into celebrating and giving gifts. 

I'm not really a fan of the Easter bunny, but we will definitely take part in hunting for the hidden eggs (they'll have their first (candy-free) Easter egg hunt tomorrow at Nana and Grandpa's!), and maybe we'll start a tradition of finding the "empty tomb egg."
I also look forward to making these with them in a few years and making that an Easter Sunday morning tradition, as well. 

I'm thinking the two can be merged beautifully, and Easter is one more day of truths and traditions that I look forward to celebrating with our small family for years to come. 
Happy Resurrection Day!
He is risen; He is risen indeed!


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