Thankful Thursday (2/12)

How fitting that today is Thankful Thursday. 
I just received this in the mail from my very sweet cousin, Sarah. 

It is an incredibly thoughtful gift, and it made me cry (hence why my very blotchy face is nowhere near the picture). 

Yesterday, Jack received this ABC book from that very same wonderful cousin. 
He LOVES it. I love it. It's a very special book filled with lovely memories. 

Thank you, thank you, Sarah, for being such a kind and generous cousin and friend. 

It's a strange feeling when my heart smiles and aches all at the same time. 


  1. What a beautiful necklace. Sarah had asked me for the correct spelling of your babies' names, but she didn't tell me why she wanted that information. She is a very special young lady. I know you will wear this and think of the love that went into having it made for you. Love you.


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