Five Facts Friday (7/4)

1.  Happy 4th! Today, is also my sister's birthday! Happy birthday, B! You're an awesome sister, and I appreciate all of the things in you that I lack! :) You are kind and patient. Slow to anger and quick to listen. You have a huge faith that shows in the worst of times. You are strong, stronger than you realize. You are a wonderful wife and mom, and you are a true friend. I hope this new year of your life is the best one yet! 

2.  I got a call this morning from the NICU before heading up to nurse Ella. She is doing so well that I was invited to room in with her today. If all goes well, we take her home tomorrow. 

3.  I'm terrified. Not of being with her, of course. If she had been my first, I definitely would have been scared to be alone with her. No, my concern is purely circumstantial. I currently sleep on the couch in a room filled with furniture and Jack's things. There's no way to attach the cosleeper, and bringing one more item in there is going to be crazy. But we'll have to make do. I'm thankful I have the couch as an option to sleep on, and we have a swing that she can rest in until our home is liveable. 

4.  This. Girl. 

5.  I'm happy to not have to continue to pump. Sooooo happy. It served its purpose. It was very handy. And, now it will go back into storage haha. 


  1. She's a little doll and she has Jack Campbell's little elf ears and your long fingers!! I see piano lessons in the future! :) Love you.

    1. Sounds good, but only if she practices at your house ;)


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