To Jack--With Love on Your 1st Birthday

Sweet Jack, 

You are officially one year old today!
This first year with you has taken our breaths away. 
You are a delight and a joy and a wonder of a boy. 
You giggle and grin and blow kisses and melt our hearts. 

You speedily crawl from one adventure to the next and only stop to smile or lay your head on our legs or shoulders for a quick breather.

You are sweet and funny and charming and full of spunk. 

You love to be loved and to love on us in return.  
You are a great eater with your almost 6 teeth--almost because you have 4 teeth all the way in and two halfway there. Your toothy smiles are pretty contagious. 

You have turned our lives upside down in only the best ways, and we can't remember what life was like before we met you. 

Daddy and I love you to the moon and back, Monkey, and we thank God daily that He has allowed us to be your parents! 

Happy 1st Birthday, Love!


  1. Happy Birthday, to our sweet little grandson! We wish you a wonderful year to come filled with new adventures and lots and lots of love. Grandpa & NaNa


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