33 Weeks - Pregnancy #2

Each Sunday, I'd like to do a highlights post, including a picture, summarizing the differences in my pregnancy from week to week.  I totally "grabbed" this idea from Kelly.  I did this with my pregnancy with Hadley, as well, and I still think it is a great way to jot down the things that I don't want to forget later on.  I'll probably write these on Saturday nights and attach the picture the next day.  That way I can stay semi-technology free :)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along:  33 weeks - Third Trimester

Size of baby:  Baby Boy is around 19 inches crown to feet and weighs as much as a honeydew melon (around 4 1/2 pounds)

Total weight gain/loss:  At my appointment last Monday, I had actually lost 1 1/2 pounds (I'm sure due to the low/no fat, gluten-free diet I've been trying to follow.  But.  I have tried out a few foods in moderation that have fat and or gluten, and I've managed to tolerate them well, so I'm sure I've gained that weight back and added another pound or two in the process).  So, I'm officially at 16 1/2 pounds gained so far. 

Maternity clothes:  Well, when I'm allowed to leave the house, you know for doctor's appointments, I wear maternity clothes.  Usually a dress or khaki shorts and a comfy shirt.  But, when I'm home, which is 99% of the time now, I wear soft grey knit shorts from Old Navy that I've had for 10 years or so and a stretchy tank top.  Neither of which is "maternity," but both of which are super comfortable.

Gender:A less bouncy, more roll-y baby boy.

Movement:  He stays curled up on my right side, butt out, most of the time, which is becoming increasingly uncomfortable.  But when he moves, it's usually big movements or small hits and jabs

Sleep:  Not a lot--you'd think with being on bed rest, I'd be getting TONS of rest.  Not so, Dear Readers.  I wake up every hour and a half to two hours all throughout the night to make trips to the restroom.  That journey continues throughout the day.

What I miss:  Cleaning, cooking, leaving the house

Cravings:  ice cream

Symptoms: Minor back pain

Exercise: Nada.  I don't think my doctor would approve haha.

Belly Button in or out: It's still flat.

Wedding ring on or off: On :)

Happy or moody most of the time:  I had ups and down this week.  Being stuck inside without being able to keep the house in order like I like drives me a little crazy.  The Husband helps when he can, and he's been fixing dinner a lot this week, but he's busy at work until the evening.  I feel bad asking him to do things like laundry and dishes when he's worked all day.  But, I also hate staring at that stuff like it's magically going to clean itself, haha.  So, happy, but a little moody when it comes to not being able to do chores.

Looking forward to:  Seeing what my doctor has to say on Tuesday

Best moment this week: Um.  The moment we decided to start looking for a house to move into.  I told The Husband today that I feel like an actual grown up now, haha.  A baby on the way and a possible house in our future.  :)

Well, you know how last week, I said that I didn't get dressed up just for the picture? Totally not the case this week.  I got dressed, put on a little bit of makeup, took the picture, then promptly changed.

The Husband went to church and "took me along" via Skype.  Here I am waiting for him to call me just before the service was about to start.  I've got my morning smoothie, my journal, and my Bible.  It was a pretty good setup, and I got to praise, worship, and learn alongside my church family from the comfort of my bed.  Sometimes, technology is pretty neat. :)


  1. Cool about the Skyping!! We're about to go to Emma's closing AWANA ceremony. Should be great to see her get more awards on her vest. She has worked hard this year and learned lots of Bible verses. Hope tomorrow is a good day. Love you.

  2. I think it's great that you can be at church through Skype!

    1. It was pretty neat! I suppose we'll do it again next week if my doctor still won't let me attend church.


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