Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Day 3

Today is November 3rd, which means it's Day 3 of my Thirty Days of Thankfulness posts.  I hope this has encouraged you to see the blessings in your daily lives.  It's forcing me to really see who and what I am so blessed to have in mine.

Day 3

I am thankful for my freedom.

Freedom to cheer on a football team with The Husband and his parents on a double date of sorts.
As you can see, The Husband is apparently enjoying the freedom of choosing not to shave. *Ahem.*

Freedom to take control of our health by learning to eat healthier, taking vitamins that our current diet doesn't provide enough of, and speaking with knowledgeable people across the country (love those folks in Maine!).

I'm grateful for my freedom in Christ.

For freedom in my country.

For freedom in how I live, love, and worship.

And, for the freedom to vote!  The Husband and I voted on Monday.  Have you visited the polls yet?

To be free is something I hope to NEVER take for granted.

Tonight is the Freedom Concert at our church.  It's been in the works for nearly a year.  It's going to be an evening of sometimes loud, sometimes lovely, 70s-80s-90s music and wonderful fellowship.  If you don't have plans tonight and you live in the area, please consider coming and joining The Husband and me as we enjoy the live entertainment provided by some very talented people!

Learn what it means to be truly free.

Today, I'm beyond grateful for freedom.


  1. Hope y'all have a wonderful time at The Freedom Concert tonight. I am thankful that I was two cars behind at an intersection yesterday when someone suddenly ran a red light. As I heard the brakes squeal and saw a car being forcefully moved into the oncoming lane, I remembered my accident several years ago. Thank God that He protected me yesterday and I made it home safely!! I pray no one was seriously hurt.


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