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I told a sweet friend recently that I'd like to eventually write about our daily routine for me to look back on.  That day appears to be today since I had nothing else of value to write about.
I'm sure it won't be super exciting for anyone to read, but here goes! (This is our routine every day; although Sunday is just a little different in the mornings due to church).      
We do basically the same thing every day.  I once read that kids thrive on consistency and routine (which I witnessed in my 8 years of teaching many different grade levels), so I knew I wanted to give my own kids as much consistency and structure as I could.  My kids know what our days entail, and they can tell you "what comes next," haha. There's security in knowing what to expect, and our days don't hold a lot of surprises.  But when a surprise happens, it's an exciting day, for sure!
Oliver typically wakes around 7:00, so I get him up and nurse him.  He and I spend quiet time together until I put him back down for his morning nap, and then I try to snag a quick shower and fix them breakfast.

We get Jack and Ella up around 8:30, they dress themselves (Ella still needs help with her shirt), and they come to the table.  They usually wake up at least an hour before that, but they play in their beds or talk (or squeal or shout at one another) happily/crazily until we go get them (although Jack has been playing the "I need to go to the bathroom" card a lot lately and desperately wants to stay up with Oliver and me.). I'm buying an "ok to wake" clock soon!
They eat, and we try to do a daily devotional with them.  The Husband does it if I've gone walking with my mom.  If I do it, I usually read to them from The Jesus Storybook Bible, we talk about the message, we sing the books of the Old/New Testament and maybe a few other Bible songs, and I might let them color a picture about something they learned from the lesson or work with playdough.  This doesn't happen every morning, but it's something I'm aiming to do. πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ this will eventually transition to learning/homeschooling time.

Around 10 (or earlier depending on how quickly they ate and we finished our devotional), I send them outside.  They play and argue and run and imagine and climb and swing and discover.  They ask for water, and they knock to tell me they need to go to the bathroom or that they've "found something."  But they're always sent back outside as quickly as possible so that their sweet, sleeping brother is allowed to rest in some semblance of peace, haha.  I use this time to tidy up, start laundry, clean bathrooms, and/or touch base with people I'm coaching in health/wellness.

They come inside by 11, and Jack goes to room time where he has the option of playing with his legos, his trains, his tools, or to read.  Sometimes, he sets right to work.  Other times, he tries to bargain and get out of room time.  But room time is a must.  It allows him time to imagine and create without someone else there.  It requires him to problem-solve, and it gives him some quiet time away from the rest of us.  It's a good thing. 

While Jack is in room time, Ella is supposed to have blanket/living room time, but she is like a puppy, and she tries her hardest to follow me around.  Most of the time, though, she chooses to look at books on the blanket or the couch.  Occasionally, she'll play with her babies or build with blocks.

I get Oliver up by 11:15 if he hasn't woken earlier, nurse him, play with him a little bit, and then he has blanket time or high chair time while I start on lunch.  He holds, bats at, and chews on toys, rolls to the side, squeals, and watches me cook.

We eat lunch around noon (this is typically our biggest meal of the day since The Husband is awake and home for it), and then after I clean up the kitchen, the kids and I read stories.  Sometimes, I askThe Husband to read to them, so I can get Oliver down for a nap depending on whether or not he's sleepy/fussy.  Oliver is in bed by 1, and Ella goes down for her afternoon nap no later than 1:30. 

Jack stays up with me (exhausting, is what that boy is!), and we read books or play board games together until 2. He's then supposed to look at books quietly for at least half an hour while I read my book (this is still a work in progress...but I want him to understand how important quiet reading is, and how taking time to settle down to read during the day is a gift).  

If he makes it to 2:30, I set up a show for him to watch (VeggieTales, Backyardigans, or Berenstain Bears), and I work on laundry or do some coaching.

Oliver typically wakes by 2:30, and he gets fed.  I wake Ella by 3, and she joins Jack for a show while they have an afternoon snack. Then, we all head outside to play.
We play outside for as long as possible depending on the weather. 

Oliver can make it until 5 at the latest before getting fussy, and he goes down for a cat nap.  We clean up the yard and then come inside.  Jack showers and then has blanket or table time (he typically uses this time to build, play with playdough, or work on puzzles) while I work on fixing dinner. 

Ella has room time until it's time for her shower.  Her go-to activities in room time are playing with her babies, building with legos, or drawing on their chalkboard. 

Oliver wakes during this time, he nurses, and then he hangs out with me in the kitchen while I cook.  He's pretty easy-going, and he usually doesn't need me to hold him, which makes fixing meals much simpler.
We eat dinner a little after 6, as soon as everyone has been bathed and rooms are cleaned up.  They're pretty quick eaters, so we have about half an hour to read stories before it's time to get Jack ready for bed.  
He makes one last potty trip, brushes his teeth, and I pray with him in bed.  He's out by 7:30.πŸ’€   
Oliver gets changed and fed one more time, and he's in bed no later than 7:45.  While I'm getting Oliver settled, Ella looks at books quietly. 

Then, she and I read together for about half an hour.  I braid her hair, she goes to the potty and brushes her teeth, and she's in bed by 8:30 (but doesn't fall asleep for at least a half hour).

I get Oliver up for a dream feed somewhere around 10:30, and then I head to bed, as well.
So, that's my day with my kiddos.  Routine is so good for all of us.  We have fun together, for sure, but the structure helps us enjoy our day together a lot more than if it was a free-for-all from sunup to sundown! But, maybe that's just the teacher in me! And maybe it's because I have three kiddos 4 and under ;).  


  1. You are so very organized and that's what made you an excellent teacher. The children are definitely benefiting from the routines you have started. You are the best! Love you.


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