Oliver Flynn - 7 Months Old

Oliver is still the dream baby.

Our whole family kind of adores him. 💙
He has zero teeth, and other than a whole lot of gnawing/sucking on his hands, he shows no signs of anything happening in there. 
He stills requires assistance to sit, but he's getting there. 
He has no desire to roll over. None. He's the laziest, most easy-going baby and will lie on the blanket and bat at his toys above him or chew on ones in his hands. 😂
He loves to be up and held, and he naps when he's in the wrap for any length of time, which works out great for church since one of his naps happen right around that time. 
Speaking of sleep, he still naps so well, and he is a great sleeper at night. 
He nurses 5 or 6 times a day (sometimes in odd positions because he's quirky like that) and is a chunky monkey 😊
His squeals, shrieks, and belly laughs are beyond delightful. 
He's just such a bright spot in our lives. We continue to be so very thankful for him. 


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