Thankful Thursday (5/11)

Two weeks ago, I had an ARD meeting about Jack's progress with speech. He's been going twice a week for thirty minutes since September. He loves his sweet teacher, and he has made so much progress that he no longer qualifies for assistance.
Here he is with his teacher last September. 
And, here they are today. He hasn't been back in a couple of weeks, but we wanted to take her a small gift to thank her for all of her help and to say "goodbye!"  
Jack asked her to eat his favorite bar 😂. He was only slightly disappointed she didn't rip right into that sucker and chow down like he does hahaha! Anyway, we are very thankful for her and wish her all the best! 
I'm thankful for Jack's improved speech, too. 

While I was out running errands this morning, I picked up a three-pack of spray bottles. The kids have had the best time playing with theirs this afternoon.  I'm thankful for inexpensive fun. 
My organic porch garden is making progress :)
We've had cucumbers for weeks now, and the zucchini is finally doing something. My peppers and tomatoes and carrots have done squat :( I am thankful, though, for free veggies that our entire family enjoys!
This boy remains the sweetest and happiest baby I know. 💙
I'm thankful I get to spend so much with him :)


  1. Well, it's been a while since you have blogged and I have missed them. But, I know you are super busy with all these blessings. I can't believe how much Jack's speech has improved in such a short amount of time! And, Olli is sitting up in his high chair! Oh, my, time is marching on. Glad some of your veggies are doing well and Jack and Ella will help you keep them watered. Love you.


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