Oliver Flynn - 5 Months Old

This little dude turned 5 months old today, and it snuck up on me! Time flies when you're falling in love, and we have all fallen head over heals for this guy.
Oliver smiles and coos and squeals so often that when he does cry, it almost breaks our hearts. 
He has zero interest in rolling. He will stay on his belly for a little while without fussing, but he mostly loves being upright and getting to see the world around him. He coos with delight when I lift him off his blanket and nuzzles my neck and face like I've just given him a gift. 
The drooling has begun! Poor baby, it soaks the fronts of his onesies if we're not paying attention. It doesn't seem to bother him so far, though. He loves his hands and fingers and sucks/gnaws on them constantly. 
He sleeps through the night most nights and nurses around 6 times a day in a 24 hour period. He takes two long naps and one to two short ones each day, and he wakes happy from almost all of them. We've got a pretty good routine going, and he's fit right into our family with very few hiccups. 
He's pretty darn wonderful, and I'm happy to share my 4th Mother's Day with him 💙
As a comparison, here are the three of them all at 5 months 💚❤️💙


  1. ADORABLE!!!!! Oliver just gets sweeter and sweeter. Love you.


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