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Those of you who have known me for any length of time know that I have a deep love of children's books. It is very difficult for me to pass up a children's book that is lovely or is well-written.
Our home is filled with old and new books for little ones, and we even have boxes of them upstairs and in the garage.
We have several that we read over and over, and Jack knows many by heart. 
I found this out recently when I was reading a book to them before bed one night, and in my slightly sleep-deprived state, I left off a word. One word. And Jack said, "Mommy, you forgot to say..." I can't tell you the word because I'm slightly sleep-deprived right now, but he knew it, and he was right.
Besides knowing Jesus and living in a way that pleases Him (we LOVE that storybook Bible 👆👆👆), my greatest desire for my children is to love books as much, if not more, than I do. And so far they do. They love to be read to, and they both enjoy looking at books on their own. They take great delight in acting out stories (especially any that involve a big, bad wolf), and they love for me to make up stories and close their eyes while picturing them in their minds. 

I have a few favorites that I wanted to recommend.  I'm not being compensated or anything like that for these recommendations. I just love these books and wants others to get enjoyment from them, as well. 
Albert and Little Henry is perfect for your older kiddos when you're getting ready to bring home a new baby. 
Harold and the Purple Crayon is a classic and is wonderful for discussing and encouraging imaginative play. 
The Usborne Illustrated Alphabet is BEAUTIFUL and has great vocabulary woven throughout. 
If you have children's books you'd like to recommend for my kiddos, do it!! I'm all for having to find a new bin or two for storage :)


  1. You can never go wrong with lots of books! So glad Jack and Ella love them, and I know Olli will, too. Love you.


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