Breathing and Not Washing My Hair

I haven't washed my hair in over a week.
Possibly longer. 
I've lost track. 

It's not that I enjoy having dirty hair. 
Or even that showering isn't a big deal to me. 
I'm a pretty cleanliness-conscientious person. 
Ask my husband.  I believe in bathing every. single. day. 

But these days are wiping me out. 
So much so that lifting my arms to scrub my scalp when I finally manage to get in the shower at the end of the day just doesn't seem worth it. 
So I don't. 

I still bathe. I'm not that far gone. 
But, the rest of my 20-30 minute shower is spent standing under the scalding spray of wonderfulness. 
Just standing. 

Because I am stinking worn out. 

I do pretty well during the day, considering I'm getting roughly 4 hours of scattered sleep each night, mostly because of this guy. 
But, I get to about 7:30pm each night, and my brain and body jointly say to me, "Okay, Friend. Time for bed! Skedaddle on in there and tuck us in." 

And while I'd like to oblige my weary body and sleep-deprived brain, I have toddlers. 
And toddlers fight sleep to the bitter end. 
So, after said toddlers are in bed and have finally succumbed to dreamland, I wearily head to the bathroom and to the lovely hot shower awaiting me. 
That is, if the baby has been fed and is asleep. 
If not, he gets my attention next. 
But usually by 9:30, I've finally made it in there. 

And that is MY time. That's truly my only me-time. Every other minute of the waking day is spent with one or two or three children. And that's how it should be. 

And, every momma in this known world will nod their heads in agreement, as much as we adore our children, as much as we believe that being with them and teaching them and loving on them and molding them is the right and good thing to do, sometimes we just want to lock ourselves in a room with a shower going full blast and not think about anyone or anything else. 
And just breathe. 

So that's what I do. 
I stand there. 
And. I. Just. Breathe. 



  1. Yes, and I can even remember bringing Beth and you in your carriers into the bathroom while I took a bath. Because many times you weren't asleep and I couldn't leave you in another room while I soaked my tired body. Motherhood - isn't it wonderful and fulfilling and exhausting! Love you.


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