This Love and Some Chocolate

It's 4am. I'm beyond tired. Beyond emotional. Beyond being able to function aside from the pumping I'm doing. I do not have the energy to walk down to the nicu one more time. But my milk came in with the last feeding at 11, so I have to pump to keep my supply up. He has plenty of pumped milk with him down there, and they will feed him by syringe when I don't make it to the 5am feed.  I'm pumping and trying to stay awake as I listen to The Husband snore on the couch by the window.  I was looking through pictures I've taken over the last couple of days, and I realized something:  I have few words when it comes to watching The Husband with our newest babe.

Every time I see him hold Oliver, my heart swells because he ADORES that boy. Every time I see him gently rub their noses together or cuddle him close or speak softly to him telling him how much he loves him, I swoon. 

He's kind of over-the-moon for our Olli, and I'm kind of over-the-moon for them both. 😍

Also, he got me the best early Christmas present you could give a hungry, hormonal, nursing-constantly momma: the most delicious chocolate from the neatest place out there. ❤🍫 
So, I could be a puddle because of that, too.  It's possible. I'm going to finish this pumping business and go eat some before trying to rest more. I can't wait to see Oliver at 8am, but I also can't wait to see the back of my eyelids.  


  1. Resting and taking care of yourself are very important for both you and baby Oliver. We love that Spencer is such a loving dad and see that in the way he is with Jack and Ella and now with your newest love. Love you.


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