Oliver's Birth Story

I went to bed Tuesday night thinking it would be a typical night. I'd be up 3, 4, 5 times using the restroom. Ella might wake a couple of times. Jack might have a bad dream.
I did have a couple of potty runs, and Ella might have woken once and gone right back to sleep, but I was definitely not prepared for what happened next. 
Around 4:30, I woke to fluid rushing out of me. I jumped out of bed, and the fluid continued gushing as I stood there in disbelief. I've never had my water break on its own. Such a surreal moment. I grabbed my phone and took many deep breaths as I tried to reach The Husband. After several attempts and a text or two, I gave up and called my parents and asked them to come stay with the kids. I called The Husband's work and asked them to let him know as soon as possible. 
I finished packing the bags that I had packed the day before (I was in total nesting mode and had no idea that I had done those things just in time), and I changed into clothes that would keep me warm in a cold hospital waiting room. The Husband arrived while I was putting on the only piece of makeup I had time for: waterproof mascara 😂 (good choice, by the way). 
As soon as my parents arrived (our neighbor came over, too), we hopped in the car and headed out needing to stop by his work quickly to get his stuff he'd left there. 
Up to this point, I had not had any contractions. I thought that was strange. I may have had some while I slept, but I hadn't had any since my water broke. 
As we neared the hospital, I started feeling them, and they were completely different than the uterine tightening I had had throughout my pregnancy. I swear every bump and every railroad track we hit, I felt deeply, haha! 
We arrived and filled out paperwork and were taken upstairs to be checked out. More contractions, every 4 or 5 minutes apart, came. It was now close to 6am. I spent my time emailing my mom the kids' daily routine and posting on Facebook. 
I was nervous because I knew that I was going to have to have a csection and wanted to keep my mind off of it. I may have cried a few times. The Husband was my strength and prayed for us.
He looks like he's put on 50 lbs lol! But he had his very bulky uniform and all of his gear on underneath the scrubs 😂
We met with the anesthesiologist (who told us he'd prayed for me before arriving) and my doctor who happened to be on call and who was well-rested and chipper. 
It was now 7:15ish, and it was time to head in. 
I was so cold in that sterile and stark (and, frankly, frightening) operating room. A sweet nurse came over and covered my legs up and held me and prayed over me as I sat in an awkward position for the anesthesiologist to get the spinal tap in. 
And then things happened quickly but seemed to go in slow motion. The Husband came in and held my hand. I felt lots of tugging and jostling and heard my doctor say, "come on our little guy!" He was so tucked in there, they had to practically dig him out! All I kept praying for was to hear that first cry because we knew that if he didn't cry, his lungs weren't ready. At 35 weeks, that was a VERY distinct possibility. 
But at 8:03am, we heard the most glorious sound: the hearty cries of our second son. I wept with sheer happiness.  I listened as they checked him over. 
And, the waiting seemed to take a long time. He looked great, and the best news was that he was over 5 lbs and was breathing well on his own. 
The Husband brought him over, and I got to see his squishy face. Love. 

A nurse took a picture of The Husband holding him, and when I looked at it, I was immediately reminded of a similar picture he took when holding Ella. 
They took him to the holding/recovery room to wait for me to be sewn up, which took awhile. 
I got to do skin-to-skin with him once I met them in there, and and I was able to nurse him on both sides. 
And, then, I started feeling very lightheaded and nauseous and knew I shouldn't hold him when I might pass out. 
We moved to our private room, and as I was holding him again, a nurse needed to do a blood sugar level check on him. She didn't get a good number, and she wanted to check it again, so she took him from me. And, then things went downhill. I started vomiting and his blood sugar level plummeted. They rushed him to the nicu, and I was left with a pan to hold. 
I lost track of how many times I threw up that day. All I know is that throwing up after having a csection is horrible and painful and disheartening. And, I was so very sad that my baby was not doing well, and I couldn't be with him. 
Yesterday was a hard day. It feels so long ago now. 

But today? Today has been much better. I've gotten to nurse him three times so far and hold him and love on him and stare at his sleeping face. 
I'm sure I've forgotten details, but the end is what matters: we have a healthy baby boy who is strong and breathing well. As long as he continues to maintain a good body temp and stable blood sugar levels, he shouldn't have to be in the nicu much longer. 
Welcome to the family, Oliver Flynn. 
We love you beyond words. 💙


  1. :) So happy for all of you! I just keep tearing up! I'm so relieved- can't imagine how much more all of you must be! Oh, and your FB poll earlier this week where you wanted everyone to guess the due date... I couldn't participate, because I just had this feeling it would be this week (I almost even posted and said "Wednesday"), and I didn't want to write anything that might come true, because I know how much you wanted him to stay in a little longer. I debated guessing next Monday or some other date during the 36th week, but I ended up just not writing anything.


  2. Bless your heart! So glad today better for you! Prayers continue for Baby Oliver and for your quick csec recovery!
    \/ KayP

  3. Congratulations! I'm glad that little Oliver is here and doing well, and that you are on the road to recovering. I have occasion to participate in similar situations and to read your words is a reminder to me that I need to be sensitive to the feelings of the persons that are going through these situations. thank you for the reminder.And congratulations all over again!

  4. We are so very happy Oliver Flynn is here and doing so well. He is precious and I know Jack and Ella will love him, too! Keep healing and we'll see you and Baby Oliver at home very soon. Love you.


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