Sunday Mornings

"Easy like Sunday morning" means squat in this household.

I love Sundays because they mean church and worshiping with family and friends. 
But Sunday mornings are often rushed for me. The Husband usually comes home from work and immediately takes a nap, which leaves me to doing everything for everyone. I mean I usually do that anyway, but because we have to be somewhere at a certain time, all of us, I feel flustered and rushed until we actually get in the car and my belt is buckled. 

I know it will be twice as difficult once the baby arrives, but for now I'll try to find the joy in the harried moments. 

Because these two? 
They have really come into their personalities. Jack is starting to have some super fun conversations with us, and Ella is both delightful and determined--a challenging combination. We love them both immensely, and we hope our newest little guy will fit right in with our sweet and crazy bunch :)
(I love that they hold hands without being told to; it's a reminder of all of the nights I've prayed for a sweet friendship between them and of God's faithfulness.)
Some of the neatest little kiddos I know. And the wildest. 


  1. Adorable!!!!! I love Jack's hair. And, I love Pate for being so wonderful with him. Ella is such a little munchkin! Love you.


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