Two Things Tuesday (9/13)

1.  Yesterday, we got some news regarding The Husband's health. It explains a lot of the problems he's been having over the last year. And although it can be a scary diagnosis, it also is reversible with diet, namely an alkaline diet. I am SO thankful we've had him on Isagenix foods and supplements the last 6 weeks. It is healing him inside out. They have done amazing things for his body. Now that we have another piece of the puzzle, we can continue to work on ridding his body of the toxins that have made him so sick. I keep thanking God for bringing these foods into our lives and for His guiding hand in all of this, and I'm grateful I get to share it with others and help them find solutions for better health. 

2.  I got tired of looking at the empty pots on my porch (I managed to kill everything I planted in the spring), so while Jack was in speech today, I ran to the local plant nursery and gathered up some pretty fall plants. Mums, marigolds, and two crowns of thorns. 
I worked for about an hour replanting them. The kids worked alongside me :)
I may have overdone it, but they sure look pretty :)


  1. We are very grateful that Spencer has gotten a diagnosis and that he is healing. Also, love all the beautiful flowers. Which nursery did you go to? I still need to get some mums. Love you.

    1. I went to Cooks'. They had several colors, but the purples looked the healthiest. It's still probably early in the season because they didn't have a huge selection.


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