Thankful Thursday (9/22)

How is it already Thursday?!

I had great intentions of blogging this week, but a lot of things popped up and snagged my attention away from this space.  

My mom showcased her new trimmer and leaner self.  
You'd think she'd been doing more exercise than the 2 or 3 times a week mall-walking trips, but nope.  She just stuck to cleansing and drinking her protein shakes and eating healthy meals and snacks.  Her body did the rest.  Kinda phenomenal what the body can do when toxins are being removed from the equation.    

I've been working with several people this week on getting them set up to succeed with their health goals, and I've been so ridiculously excited to wake up every morning (even on little sleep, haha!) knowing that I get to help people feel better just by loving, serving, and caring about them.  

Bible study was wonderful, and I'm still super pumped I have the opportunity each week to attend with women from all over the community.  The lesson this week was so good,  and I highly suggest you plop yourself down in your comfiest chair and watch.

So, now we've made it to Thursday.  The kids are napping.  I have my feet up.  The Husband is hard at work renovating our upstairs.   

I think I'm most thankful this week for new opportunities to be the best person I can be by doing exactly what God has called us to do.  

And, I'm thankful for happy/sad masks.  Because learning about opposites, decorating with markers and crayons, and being silly make life kind of fun. :)


  1. Don't brag on me too much! Some days are harder than others, but I do keep trying. I love the "happy/sad faces." So glad you are being able to attend your Bible study. Love you.


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