Thankful Thursday (9/08)

Today, I'm thankful for a really lovely and really productive day. 
I snapped a few pictures of Jack heading to his third speech lesson since I missed his first one, and it totally poured buckets of rain on his second one. 
Here he is with his sweet speech teacher.

She brought him out to the car afterward, and he said, loudly and proudly, "Jack obeyed well!"  He showed me his sticker with glee :) She said he does really well for her, and he seems to really enjoy spending time with her on those two mornings each week. I hope his love of learning continues. 

I came home to find The Husband and his friend and his friend's wife hanging out on the porch.  The two of them were a big blessing to us today, and we now have very heavy materials (walls and flooring) upstairs just waiting to be installed. So, so thankful for their help. They stayed for lunch, and we visited for a while. It's nice to make new friends :)
This afternoon, The Husband worked upstairs more. 
It's a slow, slow process, but I know it's going to look pretty darn great when he's finished. I can't wait for our kids to get to sleep up there!  

This girlie has had a much better few days since her crazy meltdown (that I shared with friends and family on Facebook) where it occurred to me that she actually might have been possessed. Whenever she hugs me now, she seems to remember how ugly she was acting that day, and she says, "I sorry, Baby" as she rests her head and pats my tummy haha. 
Thankfully, her cold seems to have gotten better, she's sleeping better, and we have been very consistent with encouraging her to obey right away. 
Life with toddlers is rarely dull, and most days I'm ok with that :)


  1. Sounds like a very productive day all around! I know the upstairs bedroom is going to be wonderful once it is finished. Glad everyone is feeling much, much better. Love you.


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