Update - Day 5

The Husband has been hard at work doing his 30-day cleanse. And by The Husband, I mean me. He's reaping the benefits of my hard work, haha, but if it helps him feel better and have more energy and get his metabolism back on track, then I will continue doing what I can to help. 

Day 5 started last night since his daily schedule is backwards from the average person. 

For breakfast (9pm), I fixed him a creamy Dutch chocolate isalean shake. I mixed it in the blender with about 10 ounces of water (the chocolate is much better with more water, in our opinion) and a handful of frozen mixed berries. The chocolate is not our favorite (but the vanilla rocks our socks off!), but with berries it's flavor is pretty good.  

I sent him to work with these two snacks. He eats one around 1am. 

Then, sometime between 3 and 4am for his lunch, he mixes up a shake in the shaker that came with our order. If had I to guess, I'd say he mixed up the strawberry cream. 

Around 6:30 or 7am, he eats his second snack. 
I've tried to rotate the snacks I send so that things don't get too monotonous. A few other items I've sent are apple slices and almonds and baby carrots and cheese sticks. I've got a good list going for healthy, protein-rich snacks, and come grocery day, I'll be adding those to our pantry. 

For dinner (our lunch), I fix a protein and veggie-heavy meal. Here's what he had for dinner today---one palm-of-hand sized portion of fajita meat with veggies, two fistfuls sized portion of salad with vinaigrette, and one fistful sized portion of pasta. So far, I've heard no complaints about the meals I've fixed :)

He tries to drink plenty of water a day, something he was already great about, and if he's working hard outside, I fix him one of these with 16 ounces of water to help him rehydrate. 

The shakes are very filling and are so good for him, but he is used to eating and eating and eating, so having two liquid meals a day has been a challenge for him. I'm so proud of him for doing this for himself. In a few more days, we'll take his measurements and compare to where he was on Day 1. But more importantly, his acid reflux has been SO much better! So yay for better health already!

Thanks to those of you who've sent messages of encouragement our way. Send him notes on FB or via text telling him to keep it up :) 
This is only the beginning of our road to good health!


  1. My box is due today! I'll be right there with Spencer trying to get healthy!! Love you.


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