Two Things Tuesday (8/23)

1. So our baby got his first gift yesterday -- two new, adorable Woombies to keep him snug as a bug this winter and help prevent that awful startle reflex from disturbing his sweet, sweet slumber! Thank you, Nana and Grandpa!

2.  These two can be fighting and hollering about a toy one minute and then incredibly sweet to one another the next. I usually have them sit in chairs a distance away from one another for their 30 minutes of TV time in the mornings, but today they plopped down on the rug when we came inside from playing outside, and I thought I'd test out how well they'd do sitting that closely to one another. 
And, 20 minutes in they were still sitting like that. 
Ella actually did much better sitting right next to Jack than she normally does sitting on her own. She typically likes to roam around, and I have to tell her repeatedly to sit down and enjoy her show. Not today :) Not even once!


  1. I know you meant "distance," but "fistance" seems to fit them perfectly. We're glad you like the Woombies, and little peanut will be snug in them. Thanks for the broccoli. Love you.


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