Thankful Thursday (8/4)

I had my 16-week prenatal appointment this morning. I also had to have an ultrasound to check on cervix length. 
The length looks good (something they want to monitor VERY often--ugh), but more excitingly (that's a word, right?), we found out the sex of the baby...............

....................Which we'll be sharing with friends and family (and with you all) very soon! I wish I could share a picture from today with you, but the technician labeled the sweet snapshot with "It's a _______," so that doesn't work ;) You'll just have to enjoy this picture of my growing belly and my super cute shorts. You're welcome. 
Now to pick out the name. Sigh. The Husband and I struggle with seeing eye to eye on names. 

In other exciting news----we got his box in!!!! 
If you haven't checked it out yet or are still on the fence, go check out the great items they offer and chat with me on FB or drop me a text or email if we're in real life friends.

If you're hesitant about spending 30 days on this, why not try out just the shakes once a day as a breakfast or dinner replacement? You can purchase any of the products individually (shakes, cleanse, snacks, the pro shakes for people who are working out a ton to gain muscle, etc) and decide what you like and what you don't. That's really what I like about the 30-day plan though. I like that we have a month to try out the different products and see what we'll stick with and what we can go without. 

He'll be starting it up tomorrow. I'm super pumped. He's, well, he WILL be pumped when he starts feeling better ;). Actually, I think he is excited, but he refuses to show it haha!


  1. Got my order in and am ready to be lean and mean (well, not mean, but you get the idea)!!!!! Love you.


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