Thankful Thursday (8/18)

Today I'm thankful for my husband who is quick-thinking and caring. 
I went into the bathroom earlier and a wave of dizziness and hot flashes and cold sweats came over me all at once. I ended up lying on the floor. The door was shut and locked. I called for help, but he couldn't hear me because my voice wasn't strong enough. So I found energy and kicked the wall. I heard him running. He tried to get the door open and found it locked. I tried to tell him where the key is hidden (you know, in case a kiddo locks himself/herself in there), but he couldn't hear me. So he busted the lock. And the door. And the door frame. But he got in. 
He took care of me. He talked to The Bestie, who came over after seeing a patient. Low-blood pressure. Supposed to rest with my feet up. Must follow her orders :). So I tried. He went and picked up healthy lunches for all of us from a local restaurant run by a local family. They serve super healthy and very delicious meals, so that worked out well.  
He got the stuffed bell peppers, broccoli, and mashed sweet potatoes for the kids and himself. 
And, he got the veggie scramble with chorizo quiche for me. So tasty. 
I tried to rest some this afternoon and drink lots of water. I'm feeling better. Just very tired. 

This evening, The Husband got to feel our baby kick for the first time. It was a special moment between the three of us. 

I'm thankful for him and for how he served me and took care of me today. And, I guess I'm thankful that he loves me enough to order me around ;)


  1. We're very glad you are feeling much better. Hang that key on a hook up high close to the door, so it never has to be broken again! :) Love you.


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