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A few weeks ago, while we were on our anniversary trip in fact, we sat down with our friend Tina. I have known Tina for over 8 years, and her son, Ryan, was my man-of-honor in our wedding :) I kind of adore her and that family. 

Anywho, somehow we started talking about The Husband's health and how things have really taken an unpleasant turn. She, as a licensed and highly-educated nutritionist, whom I love and trust and respect immensely, discussed making adjustments to his diet, and highly recommended that he try out these shakes her family and many of their friends have been supplementing with. They're clean and healthy and have that perfect 40-30-30 ratio of protein, fats, and carbs (they use undenatured whey protein, or there's the vegan ones if whey is difficult to digest). Granted, eating healthy solid meals with fewer calories is ideal, but financially that would be a huge burden since those healthy, non-GMO, organic products are pretty expensive compared to the boxed and packaged stuff on the grocery shelves. But I digress. 
With our samples in hand (that I made up the next two nights for him before work and one for me in the morning), she suggested trying it for a month. 30 days. And then if we (I get to drink them, too, as a snack, since they're wonderfully healthy for pregnant gals to drink) didn't see good results (energy levels and weight are the main ones we're watching for him right now), then we need to look at something else being the cause of his troubles. And the bonus is that, if after 2 weeks we don't see any positive changes, we can get a full, 100% refund. Heck yeah. 

Which is good, because to be honest, it's hitting our budget hard. The 30-day plan (which includes 2 shakes that replace two meals a day, snack bars for between meals, cleanse drinks, chocolate snacks, and energy boosting drinks) boils down to a little under $11 a day (or a morning coffee at your local coffee house and a light lunch somewhere when you're on the go).  That's with tax and shipping and a year-long membership that gets the member discounts on shakes and other products  for the entire year--we actually got it for that price because I decided to offer it to friends and family; no one pressured me to do that. I was excited and impressed with the products and the company and decided to share it with others; and it doesn't hurt that we get discounts on products just for me being a member and for us trying it out and sharing what happens :).  
What I've found with research is that after a month of being on the program, people either order it again because they loved the results and want to lose more of the unhealthy stuff and gain more energy and lean muscle, or they go down to ordering just the bars and/or shakes (isalean or isalean pro) each month to help them have at least one nutritious meal a day. 

***In case you're curious, this is what we will essentially be getting in each shake:
Which comes down to 
60 essential micro nutrients
21 minerals
13 vitamins
7 enzymes
6 probiotics
2 essential fatty acids
in each meal. I think that sounds pretty spectacular.***

So, anywho, the hit to our grocery budget was rough, but because I added up what he's been spending on fast food and convenience store stuff working his crazy hours, we felt confident in trying this out as a replacement for those less-than-healthy items he's been filling his body with. 

We're hopeful that the nutrients in these shakes will jumpstart his body and get him on the road to feeling better and healthier and full of energy again. 

And, we'd love to have you join us on this journey to better health and greater energy. Like the trainer says in this video ( prove them wrong! If you don't see a difference in 2 weeks, you get a full refund, no questions asked. What's the harm in trying? And better yet, what good things can happen if you take this leap?
And I can't wait to see the results! This company has so many healthy products (including the isalean pro shake for body builders looking for a better source of quality protein, which The Husband will likely try -- once he's lost the weight he's put on and gained the energy back that he's lost -- in order to help him with muscle gain after working out), that I'm sure something will grab your attention if the prospect of a heathy lifestyle and weight-loss and more energy don't ;)

We're trying and believing and hoping that this is the right path for us to be on. And if he'll let me, I'll share with you his strides and successes along the journey. He's starting this weekend as soon as it arrives!  My mom and The Bestie will also be doing the 30-day plan starting next week, so I'm pumped to see their results, too! :).

If you're interested, visit my page (,
and send me a message in the upper right corner. Or call me up or drop by, and we can have a chat. 
I'm super pumped to see the good that's going to come from this.  


  1. Can't wait to get some positive results! Love you.


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