Five Facts Friday (8/19)

1.  I had an ARD meeting for Jack today at our local elementary. He qualifies for some help with his speech, in the skill of articulation (he tends to leave off endings of words which often makes his speech hard to understand), and he will be going twice a week for thirty minutes each time starting in two or three weeks. I'm happy he's getting help beyond what we've been able to get him at home. Hopefully, this year of specialized attention and practice at home will help him speak more clearly so that he can express his precious and intelligent thoughts to those around him :). 

2. Box time = fun time! 

3. This broccoli dish that I first started fixing a couple of weeks ago is seriously like veggie crack. Not that I know what crack is like. But, y'all. I could eat this all day. I AM NOT one of those lucky pregnant gals who craves only fruit and veggies. Bwahahahaha.  I crave stuff that is not great for me. But this. THIS. 
So, anywho, I didn't have two bags of frozen broccoli on hand, but I did have a bag of baby carrots. So I followed the same recipe, and cooked it all up at 350* for 22 minutes, and voila! 
Yummy yummy yummy. 

4.  With that scrumptious veggie dish, I also fixed a mixture of rosemary and olive oil quinoa and brown rice (it was a boxed mix), and chicken breast strips in the skillet.  Quinoa is kind of amazing. One serving of that dish has 8 grams of protein, and it tasted really good.  

I fixed a bowl of the quinoa and the veggies for myself, but chicken is not my forte, and it kind of makes me gag, so that got left out.  

5.  Just TWO more days to take advantage of the free membership and get started on a healthier you! If you want to talk more, I'm happy to share the different plans they offer and the benefits of each. They have so many awesome options based-on and backed-by science that I know after a short discussion we could find the right fit. Also, I found out that if you order this week, you get a $25 certificate to use on anything else you decide to try. That is a fantastic deal (one that I wish I'd gotten in on, haha.). 
Coulda shoulda woulda, right? ;)


  1. I love the red quinoa and bulgur mix by Central Market that they sell at HEB.

    Bonus: Quinoa can also be used like oatmeal. Add fruit, nuts, cinnamon, etc... ;)


    1. I got a couple of different kinds to try our, but two of them are the organic Tri-colored mixes. And good tip for using it as a breakfast food!

  2. Sounds very healthy!!! Love you.


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