Day 1 - 30 Day Plan

I have fixed all of the meals for The Husband today, and I wrote out a schedule for him to follow while at work in the evenings. 

Here's what he ate today. It was far easier than I thought it would be, and everything was provided for us except the snacks. 

Breakfast - chocolate (not his favorite, but he said it wasn't bad. I may add in some frozen raspberries occasionally.)
Snack - (salted/roasted - no oil) - about three and a half hours later 
Lunch - (I found the package of 5 fillets in the frozen section. They were a huge hit. Yay for coupons! I added a teaspoon of olive oil to his mashed potatoes and a teaspoon to his green beans for his portion of good fats.)
Snack - pistachios and apple slices
Dinner - vanilla with a handful of frozen strawberries (he loved it--we'll definitely be ordering some individual containers of this flavor next month to help maintain!)
So that was his first day. We also took his measurements and weight and his picture :). We'll take them all again on Day 3. 


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