17 Weeks - Pregnancy #4

Each Monday, I'd like to do a highlights post, including a picture, summarizing the differences in my pregnancy from week to week.  I totally "grabbed" this idea from Kelly.  I've done this with my three previous pregnancies (you can go to the search box and type in "pregnancy," or "week #" if you're interested in how my previous pregnancies progressed), as well, and I still think it is a great way to jot down the things that I don't want to forget later on.  

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along:  17 weeks 

Size of baby:  This little one is about 5 inches long (top of head to tip of tailbone) and weighs about as much as a turnip. 

Total weight gain/loss:  I'm up 7 pounds total so far. 

Maternity clothes:  mostly I wear spaghetti strap shirts, loose skirts or summery dresses, and cute/comfy shorts

Gender:  boy :) 💙

Movement:  I have felt a few flutters here and there :)

Sleep:  Sleep has been ok. Not great, but not terrible. 

What I miss:  My coffee milk each morning, having a modicum of energy, and not having indigestion every night before bed. 

Cravings:  ice cream, cherry cokes, pickles

Symptoms:  hunger, exhaustion, indigestion 

Exercise:  walking a couple of times a week at the mall, 15-20 minutes of yoga stretches before bed most nights, occasional planks and squats

Best moment this week:  seeing our baby and finding out that he's a boy :) 💙

17 Weeks (taken yesterday before church) - big shout-out of thanks to my cousin Sarah for the very comfortable and soft skirt!


  1. And, you looked very cute yesterday in your new skirt! Yay, for Sarah. Love you.


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