So This Happened

About two months ago, the week we were reading Dr. Seuss books from the library, something felt off. Weird. Hinky. I couldn't put my finger on it, but things were definitely not "normal," if there is such a thing in a house of toddlers and shift-work and exhaustion. 

I waited each day to feel differently, and the feeling only loomed larger. 
Finally, after crying every time I read Horton Hears a Who to the kids (and partially because The Husband kept nagging me to), I gave in and took one of these bad boys to assuage the feelings rolling around inside my head and my heart. 

So, yeah. This happened. 
The thing I thought would never happen again, did. And, without going into details, we were actively preventing, but nothing is fool-proof, and God had other plans. Beautiful plans. 

After a week or so of shock and awe, we are pretty happy and thankful. 

I had my first ultrasound (one of the MANY I will have to have in the coming months since I'm considered high-risk due to my wonky uterus), and I got to see this sweet little one. 
Good heart rate and good measurements. According to the technician, I'm due mid-January, but with my history, I'll be surprised if I make it to mid-December. 
But we shall see! God is full of surprises :)

After weeks and weeks of exhaustion and morning sickness, I'm starting to feel like myself again except for the fact that I no longer fit into my shorts, which is super inconvenient and uncomfortable. 
A packet of these babies gets me going each day upon waking. They settle my stomach pretty quickly as I lie in bed and get ready to start the day. 
I'm still tired most days, but it's not the I'm-going-to-fall-over-if-I-make-any-sudden-movements exhaustion I felt in the beginning. That was rough. 

So, that's been our secret for the last couple of months. It's been difficult to keep, but I appreciate those friends and immediate family members who honored our wishes and kept it secret for us. I just wanted to hold onto this and keep it ours for a while :)

Look for my weekly updates, and if you think to, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers :)


  1. CONGRATS!!! How sweet! Will keep you in my thoughts. I love seeing the weekly updates.

    1. Thank you, Lena!
      I enjoy doing them :) It's fun to look back and see how things changed and see things that were common in each one.

  2. How exciting! Congratulations!!! ~ Tina W.

  3. Yay!!! Couldn't be more happy for you all. What exciting news and will be keeping you all in our prayers during this time :)

    1. Thank you, Amy! I was just thinking of you guys the other day!

  4. Well, you know we are very happy about another grandbaby. Can't wait to find out the gender. So glad to know you are going to keep us updated with the pregnancy blogs. Sorry we couldn't keep Jack and Ella this morning, but Connie came and went to the funeral and luncheon with us and then has just left after a marathon visiting session (6:45 PM). Love you and little peanut.

    1. It's not a problem! We're sorry for Beverly, but I'm glad you got to visit with your friends. Maybe you can watch them for my next ultrasound in three weeks. Love you!


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