Nutella Pumpkin Crepes

This guy has been working incredibly hard the last week at work, and then he tested with a local police department on Monday for much of the day on very little sleep.
So, I decided to whip up something new and tasty to treat him. Monday night right after dinner, I started fixing these Nutella Pumpkin Crepes. (Note to self--trying a new recipe right before bedtime is not the brightest idea you've ever had...).

With the kids sitting in chairs by the stove, I followed the recipe. They ooh'd and aah'd as I let them smell the vanilla extract and the different spices before adding them in. They even got to test out the first one I made. Um, they LOVED it. It could be that it was smothered with deliciously-smooth Nutella...
I got zero pictures of them "helping" or tasting because a hot stove and ingredients everywhere and wild, tired toddlers do not mix well. So.
My crepes turned out more like pancakes and look nothing like the pictures of the ones on that gal's blog, but they sure. tasted. like. Heaven. 
H-E-A-V-E-N, people. 
So go check out the recipe and make them for your honey or yourself or your neighbor. So yummy. And mostly healthy. Mostly ;)
P.S. I left three plain so that the kids could have some for breakfast the next day. Even plain, these pumpkin crepes/pancakes were tasty, and the kiddos enjoyed dipping them in applesauce :)


  1. Looks yummy! Love you.

    1. They were! If I make them again, I'll save some for y'all :)

  2. You and your Nutella!! Can't believe you still love it :)
    I remember you eating it by the spoonful..
    Unfortunately, Andrew still can't eat it so don't use it to often at our house.:)

    Amy conn

    1. I do. I really do.
      But I no longer eat it by the spoonful haha!!
      What a bummer! What in it can't he have?


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