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I feel like blogging has taken a back burner. I love writing. I love expressing myself in written words and seeing my thoughts on a page. I just haven't found the time or haven't made the time or time was lost. 
So I guess I'll have to try to at least keep writing once a week if only as a reminder that this place still exists. 

This girl and her Shetland pony mane. It's crazy how much her hair has changed in just a year's time. I love putting it in pigtails and ponytails, but I really like just swooping it to the side with a clip and seeing all of those sweet, soft curls. 
I tried out a few new recipes this week (from Pinterest, of course). 

These crescent roll pizza roll-ups were a hit. 
The kids helped me with these crockpot baked potatoes. I liked them, but they definitely could have cooked another hour or two on low in the crockpot. They would have been even better if they'd been a little mushier inside :)
The faces this girl can make. Sheesh. 
The Husband and I took the kids for an early morning walk at our local mall. I kept walking while he took them to an indoor playground there. He felt they had not truly lived until they rode one of the rides haha.  They enjoyed it :)
This boy is a puzzle-doer-extraordinaire! He completed these four puzzles on his own in less than 30 minutes last night while I got Ella ready for and into bed. Puzzles are a great distraction for his hands and mind when I need some time to do something without his presence or "assistance" ;) I will be adding to our collection. 
And then this happened this morning. 
Right before nap time, of course. And right after The Husband had laid down to sleep, of course. Darn coffee tables and running toddles and slippery feet and blanket-tug-of-war. After icing it and giving Tylenol, with the advice of The Bestie, we decided she probably would need a stitch or two. 
So off we headed to the local urgent care clinic for an exam and some medical-grade glue. 40 minutes and $150 later we were back home, and she was down for a nap. 

I'm sure she'll have a mighty big bump and an ugly bruise for a while, but she's still our pretty girl stuffing her face full of crackers and raisins haha! 
Here's hoping I can get back into the writing swing of things and keep this thing updated more often than once every week or two. 

I hope your week has started off far less eventful than ours has!!


  1. You have definitely had a very busy week. Both kids are showing you how resilient with healing they are! I love the fact that they are learning to help with cooking. Busy, busy, busy!!!!! Prayers going up right now for Spencer to ace his test! Love you.


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