Happy 4th, Y'all!

If you're wondering about the scratch and bruise on Jack's face, here's the 'sitch. 

Yesterday, both kiddos were in time-out. At the same time. Because they were being awful to each other. 
Not five minutes after they were "released," they were playing chase, and Jack tripped on the rug and slammed his face into the trash can. Who knew a trash can could inflict so much damage?!
I iced his cheek for a long time (hence the redness) and gave meds, but he was pretty miserable for the rest of the afternoon. And we all joined in his misery because an unpleasant toddler makes life miserable for everyone around. 
Eating an icy treat was pretty much the only thing that distracted him for any length of time. 

So there's that. 
Anywho, it looks a little better today, but he is still telling me often that it hurts. :/

Happy 4th, y'all! I'm thankful for the freedoms the citizens of this country are still afforded. 


  1. Well, his face looked much better yesterday, but I'm sure the bruise is going to get very colorful! He's a tough little guy. We loved hanging with y'all. Love you.


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