30 Days of Praise Challenge

Good Sunday morning to you!
Yesterday, my sister gifted me with a new Bible study devotional. It's called The 30 Day Praise Challenge

I started reading it last night, and I sent her this message. 
Life has been rough lately. The Husband has been trying hard to find another job to better provide for our family and to get him out of an awful work-environment. He and I have been arguing a lot, and the stress in our home has risen steadily. Raising toddlers and being pregnant leave me exhausted and wiped out and with little energy to have common marital discussions/arguments most days. 

We struggle with finances, with who we are, with our faith, and with being content with where we are. 

Life is hard, and often we find ourselves wondering if anything will ever change. If we will stop struggling so much and find the hope and faith that have gotten buried down beneath so much negativity and sadness. If our marriage, that has gone through the loss of our first child early on, the loss of jobs, the loss of our home, the loss of ourselves will ever be strong and beautiful and amazingly-fantastic like those of the couples we admire.  

We are not the same people we were five years ago, and I miss that girl. I miss that girl that worshiped and prayed and trusted like there was no end. The girl who sang her heart out each Sunday in worship and who caught the ear of her future husband just doing the thing she loved most. That girl has been gone a while, and I'm hoping she's not gone for good. 

We finally have started going to church on a more regular basis, mostly because he has stopped working overtime on Sunday mornings. My heart yearns for a church with music that will lead me before God's mighty throne, and although we haven't found that place yet, I'm hoping this study will lead me there every day. I guess I shouldn't be relying on one service a week to supply my spiritual needs. 

We live in a small town with many lovely churches filled with even lovelier people. The sermons are usually very biblically sound. But most Sundays, the music leaves me wanting. We did visit a local church several times where the music was wonderfully uplifting and left me feeling thankful and in awe of our King, but The Husband wasn't thrilled with the teaching, so we haven't been back. 

So, like I said in my text to my sister, I'm hoping this study will fill the gap in my heart and will lead me to praise my Maker with my whole heart every day. 

Day 1 of the study this morning was great and reminded me that I can ask for wisdom, and He will supply what I need. Because He is good and He is God. I'm thankful for both. 

I challenge you to do the same. Praise our God for 15 minutes a day and see what happens. Listen for His voice. Listen and take to heart the words being sung. 


  1. I know y'all are struggling, but I just know God is leading you where He wants you to be - both spiritually and emotionally. I pray that your hearts will be made lighter by trusting completely in God. He wants the very best for you and all your sweet family. "Trust and obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey." Love you.

  2. Sending you many hugs. I know those struggles. Stay strong and persevere. Even though things may be difficult, they will get better. Just keep working to find the balance you're looking for.

    1. Thank you, friend! It helps to have some of your wonderful family members living right next door to us :) They're kind of fantastic.

    2. I have to agree. They are some super special folks. Give them a hug from me next time you see em!


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