Stayin' Busy

We finally got past our colds, so we've all been feeling more like ourselves the last few days. It's been nice to have the energy to work around the house again and get things accomplished. 

The Husband decided to start the long and arduous process of fixing our upstairs rooms. This is the back bedroom. 
Such shoddy workmanship by the previous owners. Makes us sad that it won't be a simple process. The floors have to be completely redone, as well as tearing down the walls and putting in insulation there and up in the ceiling. It's going to take him a very long time (and lots of money) to accomplish everything, but I'm thankful he feels confident that it can be done. 

My strawberries were just about ready to be picked when nasty birds came along and stole them :(. I found this idea on Pinterest and tried to copy it. 
Hahahahaha. We'll see how well they do at keeping pests away. While I was out there, I went ahead and pollinated the female cucumber flowers. 
The ones I've helped along are growing!
This girl and her mop of hair. The Husband says she reminds him of a Shetland pony, hehe. 
The city came out one (early) morning and dug up and replaced our culverts that were in poor shape. Jack had the best time watching all of the big equipment and the men doing their jobs.  
My mother-in-law sent these batman shirts last week. The kids love them :)
Yesterday afternoon, before the rains hit again, I asked The Husband to move some of the big tree stump pieces and make me a border around my new compost pile. Those pieces are crazy heavy. 
This morning, I stayed busy with a few Pinterest activities while Ella painted and Jack was having room time. 
I learned how to distill water. That was neat. 
I mixed up some spider spray (peppermint essential oil and distilled water) and sprayed all of the door frames (inside and out) and under furniture and on the porch. 
I also mixed up some all-purpose cleaning spray and used it on the bathroom counter and the kitchen surfaces. Disinfecting, fresh-smelling, and non-toxic. 
I've enjoyed staying busy, but now I'm going to put my feet up while the kiddos rest and read a few chapters in my book before our afternoon activities begin. 


  1. WOW!!!! What you can learn on Piterest! Can't believe all the skills you have acquired. :) I love the picture of Jack and Pate watching the street crew. Love you.

    1. Seriously, what did we do before Pinterest, haha?!

  2. I'm glad you blogged about the cucumber adventures. I had no idea. That explains my failed cucumbers the past two years. I never had a problem before, and I thought it was snails eating the cucumbers before they had a chance to grow any bigger. I know other bugs help with the pollination, too, so I never worried about not seeing any bees... After reading your post, I learned the same applies to squash and zucchini and realized that one whole zucchini plant of mine is nothing but male flowers. Actually,so far, it looks like all 3 plants are all male blooms fixing to bud. My squash, however, shows a few female blooms, and today a few opened and I could see the difference between the male/female flowers. My cucumbers aren't anywhere near grown enough to bloom, but when they do maybe I'll be able to have some success this time. At least I have plenty of plants to cross-pollinate from. Also, I found a bee in the dogs' water bowl this morning,so I stuck him inside one of the blooms, even though it was closing up.


    1. It's super crazy! Cucumbers are supposed to be this easy-to-care-for plant, and they totally aren't. At least not the ones in my backyard, haha. Thanks for the heads' up on squash and zucchini. I was going to try to grow zucchini next summer, but if they're going to be just as much work, I may not. I know bees aren't the only pollinators, but maybe they're the most efficient? If I don't go out there and use my little plastic paint brush, the females just shrivel up :(


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