Monday Grumbles

The kids and I have been sick for the last week with a summer cold that seems to have the "I won't quit you!" mentality. I'm super ok with it quitting us. Really. Leave us alone. The snot. The coughing. The inability to breathe while the snot and mucus pour.  The upset stomachs because of all the drainage.  The restless nights. It's all so unpleasant, and we all keep sharing it with one another. So nasty.  The upside is that my kids, although far from being their usual super happy selves, are still happy and loving, if not a little clingier than usual.  I'm ready to feel like myself again. 

I was checking my garden yesterday, and although my strawberries are producing and my bell peppers are making themselves known, my poor, poor cucumbers just can't get going. The plants themselves look pretty good, but since they aren't self-pollinating plants, they need an outside source (i.e. bees) to help them along. And obviously no bees have been visiting my male and female cucumber flowers :(. The tiny cucumbers have all shriveled and died. 

So, I hope more female flowers will develop and bloom, so I can move pollen myself from the male flowers to the female flowers. Maybe al this rain will encourage some more blooms. This is my little garden just over 5 weeks after planting it. I'm proud :)


  1. I know you're ready for the colds to be gone!!! Just keep pushing the fluids for all of you. Since all three of you have been very healthy up to now, I think you will kick this soon. Your garden is looking good. Love you.


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