Gardening Fail

Friday afternoon, I bought my Mother's Day gift. I've been wanting to spruce up the front porch, and I had read somewhere on Pinterest that lavender was a mosquito repellant (as well as being lovely to look at and calming to smell). So, that's what I got.

Three pots from the local Dollar General, some broken up clay pots and rocks from my dad (lavender roots don't like to stay wet), soil, and three lavender plants, resulted in pretty plants to enjoy. 
Happy Mother's Day to me! :)

I even had some left over soil and rocks/broken pots, so I planted the mint my dad gave me. 

 And then. 

Last night and this morning, we had crazy thunderstorms with big hailstones and tons of rain. 

So, my poorly (obviously) planted mint plants are going to have to be replanted. As you can see, I didn't plan on having a downpour, or I wouldn't have planted without having a border up. :/.

Live and learn. 

They're back in their pots, and I will have to wait until our next paycheck before buying more soil and border materials. I may even plant them somewhere else. We'll see. I hope your weekend has been less rainy than ours has been!


  1. Did the mint wash out of the soil? Mint likes water, but maybe not that much! We've lost expensive plants in pretty pots on the patio because of too much water! :( At least your lavender plants look very pretty. Happy early Mother's Day. Love you.

    1. No, the mint was still there, barely hanging on. Most of the soil, though, washed away.
      Thank you :) I think so, too. Thanks for helping me choose them!


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