Two Things Tuesday (4/12)

1. This kid got a haircut from his Pop-pop and The Husband earlier this week. I LOVE it, and we think it makes him look like such a little man :)

And, this girl has started potty training for reals! Two days and a few accidents later, she's also had a few successes!

2. I decided to take a break from lesson plans this week. I chose some books by one of my favorite children's authors and some books by my most favorite children's illustrators. We'll read and enjoy those, and our learning times will be a free time to paint or color or mold or lace as the day calls for it.
Jack gets a kick out of me saying, "and this book was written by the same author/illustrated by the same man as this one!" 
(I seriously ADORE David Catrow's illustrations and have for years and years. So funky and adorable.)


  1. YAY, for the haircut and for starting potty training. They are both growing up so fast!!! And, I see one of my favorite books, "Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon." Love you.


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