To Pin or Not To Pin

So, several months ago, I decided to cut way back on my Facebook usage. And by "way back," I mean quit completely.

It wasn't difficult to do, and I do not miss it, but I do miss keeping up with a few friends and family members who live a good distance away from me. 

However, the break has been good for me. Less negativity to read and less of the green-eyed-monster lurking, means more contentment in my heart. 

I have, though, found myself scrolling through my Pinterest feed more often than is probably heathy. ;)

But the benefits have been wonderful! 

I've started gardening. Good afternoon, my gorgeous, growing, nearly-three-week-old plants!

I've compiled TONS of neat activities for the kids, both indoors and outdoors

The creativity out there for toddler-approved arts and crafts lessons is endless! 

My list of home helps (i.e. cheap and chemical-free) is growing :). 
So far this week, I've cleaned my bathroom (hello and thank-you to the bubbly, fizzing goodness of baking soda and vinegar in my toilet and sink!), polished my furniture with a mixture of olive oil and some apple cider vinegar, and cleaned the bottom of my nasty sink faucet (seriously, where DOES that gunk come from?!) with baking soda, vinegar, and a few drops of blue Dawn dish detergent. 

I've found super useful tips on dealing with toddlers and tantrums and tempers

My favorites are the funnies, the beautiful thoughts, and the ideas for a new me that I'll never try but will daydream about endlessly ;)

Feel free to follow any of these boards and see what I find next in the late hours of the evening when I should be sleeping

What do you look at on Pinterest? I'd love to follow you on there and see what we have in common!


  1. Not sure I could give up FB. It's the only way I can stay in touch with so many of my classmates. Glad you are finding lots and lots of good things on Pinterest. I haven't pinned anything, but I've gotten ideas. Love you.

    1. You should start pinning! And the neat thing about it, is you can chat with people you follow about your shared interests :)


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