Five Facts Friday (4/8)

1. We've spent a lot of time out in the backyard this week soaking up this gorgeous weather we've been having. They have loved every minute and beg to go out several times a day. 

2.  Learning time has centered on farm life this week. We checked out 17 books, and we've enjoyed them so far! 
Here are a few things Jack has worked on :)

3.  The Husband decided to cut a hole in the garage wall this morning. 

4.  The weeds in our backyard are OUT OF CONTROL. I found a recipe for natural weed killer on Pinterest and mixed it up. 

5.  Speaking of backyards...
I put together a pallet garden  :) 
(Another nifty idea I found on Pinterest!)


  1. This has been a very busy week for you! Is Spencer going to put in a window in the garage? The kids are going to have so much fun watching the plants grow in the garden. Love you.

    1. No, he put in the window A/C unit for when he's working in the garage. We're hoping it will also keep the mold growth at bay!


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