Five Facts Friday (4/22)

1. For those of you doing some grocery shopping this weekend or this coming week (all you smart people who don't have to fight the weekend shoppers!), there are TONS of coupons and rebates here and here! I saved over $14 at the grocery store today between the two on things I already had on my list :) LOVE when things work out like that! Our bank account was appreciative, as well, haha!

2. Insect week is going well over here. He loves the flour-filled balloon bumblebee and to have me sing the song--you know the one ("I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee. Won't my momma be so proud of me?...")--while he acts out the motions. Ella just likes squeezing and tossing it and squealing with glee :)

This insect search was a real hit, too! He found and buried them all several times :)

3. My dad sent over a few mint plants (that I haven't planted yet but that the kids really enjoy sniffing, haha!) and some tomato cages for my cucumber plants. 

I spent yesterday afternoon weeding this tiny flower bed in the front, and I'm thinking of putting a lavender plant there. 

4. Anyone have any sure-fire remedies for keeping cats from doing their business in your garden? I came across this idea on Pinterest, and I will try just about anything to dissuade our local feral cats from visiting that spot in the yard. 

Here's the before (with the bag of a kajillion and one plastic take-out forks my mom had acquired over the years--thanks Mom!) and after in our garden (and y'all I know. I know those are winter boots. But I tried going out in my flip flops, and both feet got soaked by the amount of water still standing in our yard. I'm going to have to find some cute rain boots to work out there in!). 

5.  I sure hope the rain has said its hellos and goodbyes for a while. No one in this part of the state needs any more. :/ So many people have lost vehicles and homes and property. Many lost their lives. It's scary how something as commonplace as rain can do so much damage. 


  1. Joy,

    I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to your posts. I enjoy hearing about your adventures with the kids. I love the flour bumble bee. I'll have to try it with my nephews. :)

    Tina W.

    1. Hi Tina! Thank you! I miss seeing your updates on FB, but I have seen you pinning a few things on Pinterest, so I still feel a tiny connection :) Thanks for getting in touch here!

  2. When I was little, all of my mom's potted plants on the front porch were filled with rocks- to dissuade cats making use of them as personal toilets. Not sure if rocks is a solution where you are, or if you even want a collection of various medium-sided rocks sitting around at random, but... there you go.


    1. That's smart! I don't have any rocks though, and I'm afraid to do it in the garden. Maybe I could do some gravel in the areas around the plants.

  3. Love the bumblebee!!!! Here's keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the forks do the trick! Love you.


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