Five Facts Friday (4/1)

1.  It's been "tree week" around here, and we've worked on several tree-themed learning activities. 

Jack's favorite was today's :)

2.  These are some of the books we checked out. 
Here are our favorites. 

3.  Ella went on her first wagon ride in my parents' neighborhood yesterday. She did well sitting still. 
Then, we came home and played on the porch before dinner, and I caught this moment when I looked over to see them sitting together. 
All I had to do was say, "smile!"  

4.  Bluebell Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is back, y'all!!! Anyone else hearing the "Hallelujah Chorus"?!

5. A lovely friend of mine from where we used to live sent me these books with a sweet note. Thank you so much, Linda, for thinking of me! I'm looking forward to reading and growing and creating a home for my family. I sure miss you!


  1. :) How neat! All of it!


  2. Love all the art! Looks like there are plenty of books for all of you to enjoy. Love you.


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