Two Things Tuesday (3/22)

1. It's the week before Easter, so that's what I decided our learning time activities would be focused on. I wrote up these lesson plans after browsing through ideas on Pinterest. 
If there's one you're interested in, let me know, and I can find the link. Mostly, I just see what's out there, and then I make it my own. Except for Saturday's learning activity. I found that baby here. 
It's great! 
We checked out these books from the library yesterday afternoon and got busy reading. 
These are my favorites so far. 
Monday's craft turned out super neat, and both kids enjoyed it (although Ella was very happy when I cleaned her hands off, haha!). They love going over to the fridge to feel the puffy texture.  
Today's was simple and turned out pretty neat, too. I'm looking forward to Thursday's activity :).

2.  This kiddo has spent A LOT of quality time in the time-out chair as of late. 
I'm having to use it in addition to our usual discipline method because he has really been exerting his strong will and the use of the word "no."  I was texting a friend (who's also the mommy of a toddler), and we were lamenting the ins-and-outs of toddler disobedience and discipline. I even texted her what my now-memorized-response is to his disobedience. 
We are definitely in the trenches and are both ready to see the fruits of our labor, haha. 
I told her about the book Shepherding a Child's Heart and how I'm thinking of making a "circle of blessing" chart, so he (and Ella) can have a visual. It'll probably be similar to these I found online (because, y'all, I'm not super creative, and I truly need the creativity of others to get my brain going!). 
What methods do you use for bringing up your toddler in the way he/she should go? 


  1. Jack has definitely reached that assertive stage, but you and Spencer will be diligent in making him understand that obedience is mandatory. There will be a lot of days when you don't think you are getting through, but in the end you will have a child who others will be happy to be around. Keep the faith. Love you.

    1. Love you, too. When he tells me "no," he says, "no ma'am," so at least his disobedience is polite haha :/


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