Two Things Tuesday (3/15)

1.  This week, we're learning about Saint Patrick's Day (the man, the traditions, the symbols, and the legends). So far, we've painted a shamrock using the end of a thick straw.  
We've read ALL of the books we checked out from the library yesterday afternoon at least twice so far, haha. 
We've found a patch of clover and made a clover collage. 
I have some other fun crafts to do with him this week (lacing green Cheerios, handprint shamrocks, and one or two other things that might be a surprise for my mom whose birthday happens to be on St. Patrick's Day :)

2.  About a month ago, the small bottles of Tide detergent (think like 18 loads worth) were on sale. I grabbed one because my giant bottle was only about a fourth full. Then, this past grocery shopping day, I had a coupon for a bottle, so I grabbed another small one. Once emptied into the larger one, I realized I now had two containers the perfect size for toddler hands! 
I cleaned them out and wrote each kiddo's name on them. 
Then, we took them over to my parents' house where my dad used his handy drill to make several holes in the lid. We now have watering jugs! 
The kids tried them out in the bathtub last night, twisting the cap on and off, filling the jug using bowls and spoons, pouring all of the water out. They had the best time. 
The containers will likely stay on the porch for outside play, but I did want them to get a chance to explore using them last night. They played with them for over half an hour and didn't want to stop. Yay for repurposing!


  1. OK, I can't wait to see the "other" St. Patrick's Day activities! Love you.


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