Two Things Tuesday (3/1)

1. We're learning about airplanes this week! Last week, we learned about trains, and the week before that, we learned about boats. We're working our way through transportation, apparently! We checked out these books yesterday afternoon, and we've already read through most of them. Both kiddos are enjoying these books. 
Today, Jack glued during "learning time." I wanted to carry over the theme of airplanes, but I totally had to google how to draw a plane, haha. Here's the one I tried to copy. 
He had a lot of fun with this project, and he's getting really good at squeezing out the appropriate amount of glue and putting on the pieces of paper. It looks pretty neat on the fridge :)
On Wednesdays, he works with lacing and stringing beads, so I'll have him practice lacing these cards I got him from the dollar area in Target last year. 
Thursday is finger painting, so I'm sure I can come up with something airplane-related for that. I'm enjoying working on themes, and it helps me stay true to my goals for "learning time" instead of falling back on just letting him color like I had been a few weeks ago (although Saturdays are coloring days, so he still gets to work with crayons--both chunky and skinny--and markers)

2.  I voted today :). Anyone else feel slightly confused by the propositions at the end?! I was NOT prepared for those; serves me right for not doing my research. Grrr. 


  1. I think you may have an artist! Wouldn't your PaPa and Grammy smile seeing all this creativity. Love you.


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