Five Facts Friday (3/11)

1.  We're finishing up our week of learning about lions tomorrow. Here's the lion Jack painted yesterday.

In case you're curious or you want to do a lion unit with your own toddler(s)/young kiddo(s), my favorite fiction books were these two. 
And, the best non-fiction one was this one (best for little ones). 
Next week, we're learning about Saint Patrick's Day, of course :)

2.  After days of heavy rains, the sun finally came out yesterday afternoon. So, as soon as both woke up from their naps, we headed out onto the front porch. It was way too wet to go in the grass, but we had fun searching for these little fellas along the edge of the porch. We collected 7 or 8, and we enjoyed watching them make their way onto the leaves and sticks in the bowl and then over the side of it as they found their freedom. 
Drawing also kept them entertained. 

3.  The Husband has been dealing with some odd symptoms and has felt really rather crummy, so his doctor wanted an MRI done. We met with the neurologist Wednesday morning while my fantastic sister stayed with the kids (who LOVED getting to play with her all morning and run her ragged--thank you, Big Sis! :)). The good news (thanking God big time) is that the scan only showed a benign cyst that will be monitored for any growth every 4-6 months. The bad news is that he's still dealing with discomfort, which is unrelated to the cyst. The appointments and tests will continue. We appreciate your prayers. 

4.  Have you guys heard of ibotta? 

It's an app that gives you money back on things you buy. I read about it on a mommy blog a few weeks ago, and yesterday I decided that since I'd be going to the grocery store today, I might as well see what it's all about. It was really easy since I pretty much have my grocery list memorized by this point. I have a two-week meal plan that only occasionally gets switched up, so I knew exactly what I needed when looking at the "coupons."  The app has an in-app grocery list that you can use, as well, if unlike me, you don't have your list memorized, haha!. 
There are categories you can search by, so I selected "groceries" first. I looked through their offers and chose groceries I knew I'd be purchasing anyway. The offers, just like coupons, expire, and are replaced with new ones, so check back often to see what's new.
Once I got my receipt, I redeemed the items I bought that matched. 

The neat thing about this app is that not only is it free but that the money you save (once you reach $20) gets put in your PayPal (or venmo...I've never heard of that...) account or onto a gift card of your choosing. It's a simpler (and better, I think, since I rarely find coupons that are actual things I was intending on buying to begin with) way of couponing. 

Free money & stuff you were already having to purchase anyway seems like a win=win. Our budget is stretched soooooooo thin these days that any little bit helps; I know many of you feel me on that!  And a bonus?  It can be combined with actual cut-out coupons. I bought two Suave body washes for $1.50 a piece (on sale), I had two $.50 coupons, and the app gave me $1.00 off. So instead of paying $3.00 for them, I paid $1.00! :)
And, today I got to redeem $8 plus the $10 I got for getting the app and creating an account :)
Seriously, y'all, if you're on a tight budget, check it out here, and let me know what you think! 

5.  I have a HUGE hankering for Blue Bell Chocolate Chip ice cream, and it makes me so, so sad to pass by the ice cream section at the store and see that, yet again, there is none. I am crossing fingers and toes that they'll reintroduce that flavor into the market VERY soon. 


  1. Glad you found a good way to get some $$$ back. I rarely find anything of use in the coupon inserts in the paper! Love you.


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